1. Short-circuit/Reverse Polarity Protection
When chargers appear short circuit or output wires are reversely connectred with battery before plug-in the AC mains, chargers will
not operate, and will start working automatically after removing.

2. Over temperature protection
When internal temperature over 70℃, stop working, when it drops to 45℃, it will restart to work.

3. Digital Voltage & Current Display
LCD shows real-time output voltage and current

4. Partial Charge Function
Users can set the charge level / 80%-90%-100% charged

5. Fast or Slow Charge: Current Adjustable Function
Users can select charge current, adjusting charge spead

6. Intelligent Charge
Compatible with various charging curves and dynamical adjustment of output parameters

7. Colors Optional: black/dark blue/red/siliver/gold

Charger Cover


E-bike; Electric Motorcycle; Electric scooter mopeds; Electric unicycle; Hoverboard / balance wheel; Electric tricycle; Golf cart; Robot; Medical equipment, etc.


You can check with us for more input and output plugs.                                                                              For example: Input-5, Output-B

JR-900B (900W)
248*105*65mm,about 2.2kg
Black, Silver, Red, Gold, Blue
10pcs / carton:
52.5*27.5*36cm ,about 22kg
100-120V/ 200-240Vac, 47-63Hz
Output Efficiency:
Ouput Accuracy:
Voltage Accuracy:±0.5%,Current Accuracy:±3%
Working Temperature:-10℃~+45℃,Storage Temperature:-40℃~+75℃
Working Humidity:
5%~95% RH
Built-in Fan
Safety Standards:
EMC Standards:
EN55014, EN61000
CAN/RS485 Communication:
Can be customized
Recent Reviews ( 1 )
i received the charger. well packed, no damage in shipping. well made. charge my msp from  to 0 in 2 hours.make sure your gw 100v wheels has double wires on charge port so you can safely charge at 9amps.basically pins 1
Hi Ray, I have seen your videos riding with Marty Backe. Good stuff. Do you know if this will work with the veteran shermans sold by ewheels? they put extra wires on their charge ports.
By mark williams Friday, 20 November 2020