5A 8A Lifepo4 Lithium LTO Active Equalizer Balancer for 4S-24S High Capacity Battery Pack

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4S~24S 5A 8A active balancer 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V battery pack equalizer
4S to 24S active equalization lithium battery balancer electronic balance battery equalizer balancer
Working voltage: 2.5V-4.2V

Suitable for ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate
precision: 0.01V

Product Name4S to 24S active equalization lithium battery balancer electronic balance battery equalizer balancer
4S-5A, 4S-13S 5A, 4S-24S 5A, 8S-24S 8A
Lithium battery balancer
Working voltage
Standby power consumption
Equalizing current
lithium-ion, LifePO4 battery packs


1. Nano-amorphous isolation fully symmetrical transformer to ensure the minimum voltage difference:

2. The U.S. ultra-low internal resistance MOS device constitutes an ultra-low dynamic impedance inverter circuit. achieve high power balance;

3. Intelligent MCU chip control and management to achieve automatic self-balancing;

 4. Automatically detect the minimum voltage of the battery, stop working when the battery power is low, and protect the battery from power failure;

5. Overcurrent fuse resistance at each input terminal in series to ensure safety;

6. With automatic/manual trigger dual mode;

7. Manual forced balance timing off function, easy to use. 8. The over-temperature and over-current protection miniature circuit breaker device controls the instantaneous abnormal over-current, and the over-temperature disconnection protects the normal and continuous balance of the battery pack.


Product Name: Transformer Inverter Active Balance Module

Type: 5A type 504: 4 series/5A type 513: 4~13 series/5A type 524: 4~24 series/8A type 824: 4~24 series (optional) Applicable battery type: ternary lithium/lithium iron phosphate

Applicable battery strings: 513: 4~13 strings; 524: 4~24 strings The best balance effect: 0.01 ~ 0.02V

Recommended balanced battery voltage: 3.2V or more Balance current: 513/524: 0~5A; 824: 0~8A Forced equalization time: 60 minutes

Interface: 3.81

Low voltage automatic shutdown: 2.7V

Equalization method: parallel energy transmission method Standby load power consumption <5ma12v (four strings of power supply)

Power consumption in battery balance state after startup: 80mA (voltage difference = 10mV)

Automatic start trigger voltage: +70mv Automatic start and stop voltage: +20mv

Model Number:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
0.5-4OZ / 1 Oz / 2Oz or Custom
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
T/2mm / 0.2 Mm / 0.15mm or Custom
Min. Line Width:
0.15mm / 0.1mm or Custom
Min. Line Spacing:
0.15mm / 0.1mm/4mil or Custom
Surface Finishing:
HASL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, plated silver, OSP
Board Size:
High precision:
Standby power:
balance current:
5A 8A
LI ion, Lifepo4, LTO battery
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